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My Photo Gallery

This section contains recent family photos.  Just click on a photo to see the full-size version.

Frank likes his lunch.

Kim and Lisa on a boat ride.

Lisa (NOT!) at the helm.

Sam on the boat

What I was doing while everyone else was on the boat.

Caryle and Kelly joining a group picture

Here is Frank with his cousins Morris and Sammy (and friend)

Frank has lots of room to play in his new back yard.

Daddy and Frank sitting on our new porch.

Kim has been prettying herself up.

Everyone has a sippy cup.

Spending time with Daddy.

Frank is posing with his fire truck.

Frankie and Oma having breakfast.

Frankie in the "Land of the Giants".

Add: 1 mother + 1 grandmother + 1 mother-in-law and what do you get? This photo.

Oma and Franike are having a good time playing on the balcony.

Silly glasses. Take #1.

Silly glasses. Take #2.

Silly glasses. Take #3.

I wonder what Frank and Christian have been up to?

The boys are trying to tire out Jennifer

Owner and Pet. Asleep at last.

Frank! Have you ever seen so much snow?

Come here Mama. I want to throw this at you.

Frankie Claus is coming to town.

Jedi Master teaches his young Padawan.

Young padawan learns well.

"Got pudding?"

"Momma! Look what I made!"

Frank really likes Great Grandma's quilt.

Future high-rise architect.

Meet Joe Cool.

Here is the whole clan, taken in the summer of 2004.

Frank gets a visit from Spongebob.

Caitlin and Frank seem to share everything.

Kim has new glasses...

And Sam has new braces.

Frank's first visit to the dentist.

Linda and I relaxing in our yard, in Brunssum, the Netherlands

Samantha and Kimberly, snuggling with their brother.

The happy family relaxing at Monique & Bart's home.

Decorating for Halloween. That is one BIG spider!!!

Morris is going to take Frank for a ride - as soon as Sammy finishes inspecting the jeep.

Frank likes his Christmas Tree.

Daddy and Frank are playing with their favorite toy.

Clowning around in the bathtub.

Shadow picks interesting places to sleep.

Doesn't that cat ever do anything besides sleep?

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