The following are some of my favorite leisure time interests.

  • Warhammer Quest - This was a great game that used to be published by Games Workshop.  While the game has been out of publication for several years, there are still a lot of people who like to play. My small contribution to this group is as follows:

    • Domain of the Horned Rat - This is a 4-part adventure, based, on the Warhammer Quest article, by Gavin Thorpe and friends, that appeared in White Dwarf #195.

    • WHQ Monsters - This is a Microsoft Access database that lists every monster in the game.  Weapons and spells are generated randomly, as necessary.

  • RoboRally - Here is another wonderful game that has gone out of publication (although I understand it will return to print sometime in 2005. The game involves programming robots to race around what can only be called a "deadly obstacle course".

  • Database Programming - A couple of years ago, I wrote an article about upgrading secure databases in Microsoft Access.  Unfortunately, the magazine, Microsoft Office Solutions, folded the month before the article was scheduled to see print.  For those who care to learn, It is presented here.

    • Article - This is the original article, in Microsoft Word format.

    • Support Files - This .ZIP file contains the article along with all of the original source code.

  • Miscellaneous Useful Files


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