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My Home Construction Gallery

This section contains photos of the new  home we recently moved into.  Just click on a photo to see the full-size version.  The complete construction process is documented here.

Drawing of front elevation

Floorplan of lower level

Floorplan of upper level (revised)

Jan 12th. Site where the house will be built

Mar 12th. Where did this pile of dirt come from?

Mar 12th. Ah-ha! Construction has FINALLY begun!

Mar 17th. The foundation has been poured.

Mar 17th. A view of the foundation from the side.

March 26th. The foundation is ready

April 2nd. The first wall has gone up

April 9th. A view of the front. The ground floor is framed.

April 9th. A view from the back

April 9th. Another view iew from the back

April 15th. The upper level and roof have been framed.

April 15th. A view from the back.

April 15th. Another view from the back.

April 15th. I found this checklist nailed to the wall outside the front doorway

April 30th. The windows are in place and the shingles are going on.

April 30th. More windows.

April 30th. More shingles and the side garage door is in place.

May 7th. Looking from the dining room toward the living room.

May 13th. Frankie shows off the SOLD sign.

May 13th. Mama and Frankie are happy about the size of the yard.

May 21st. The shutters have been added. (Inside, electrical work is beginning.

Jun 11th. Exterior elevation from front, left.

Jun 11th. Exterior elevation from front, right.

Jun 11th. Living Room into Dining Room

Jun 11th. Dining Room into Living Room

Jun 11th. The kitchen. Pantry on left. Hall to dining room, center. Hall to Living room, right.

Jun 11th. Master Bathroom

Jun 11th. Kitchen into Family Room

Jun 11th. Family Room from opposite corner.

Jun 18th. The driveway is in place. I think you can fit 6 cars in it.

Jun 18th. The fireplace has been framed. All the walls have been taped. Ready for painting.

Jul 1st. Our first picture on the front porch.

Jul 1st. Tiling the master bathroom.

July 5th. The railing has been installed.

Jul 5th. The railing as seen from the family room.

Aug 20th. Living room - minus curtains

Aug 20th. Dining room - minus curtains.

Aug 20th. Family Room - a work in progress.

Aug 20th. Kitchen - a GREAT cooking area!

Aug 20th. The breakfast nook.

Aug 20th. Looking up the stairs.

Aug 20th. Looking down from the landing into the family room.

Aug 20th. Dual sinks in the master bathroom.

Aug 20th. A wonderful soaking dub in the master bathroom.

Aug 20th. Looking across the master bedroom, into the master bathroom.

Aug 20th. Frank's bedroom - with blinds.

Oct 18th. The living room is nearly done.

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